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Rooks isn’t just our name, it’s our philosophy. 

Our families gifted us with a drive to keep growing. But most importantly, they taught us to help others with the talents we’ve built along the way. In the Amharic language, Rooks means to go far, and after watching our first customer’s business take off, we knew that Rooks encompassed both our drive and our passion – to help your business go further.

Leadership Team Tech Mobilizers. Idea Generators. Problems Solvers. People People.

Co-Founder / CEO

Daleele Alison

Co-Founder / CEO

I’ll be guiding and managing your project from concept to completion. With experience in small business analysis, project management, and customer service, I’m able to provide holistic support – making your digital marketing experience both productive and comfortable.

I thrive when I’m learning something new. I love to travel and get out my comfort zone, meet new people and broaden my perspectives, explore my city and connect locally, and keep pushing my limits to master new skills.

Know of a good coffee shop? If I haven’t been there already, I’d love to try it. And not just for the coffee – you’ll find me seeking out new spots to soak up both the stimulating and relaxing environments.

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Co-Founder / CTO

Levbert Leger

Co-Founder / CTO

I’ll be using my creative, tech, and analytical skills to help your project come to life. A software engineer and network administrator by trade, I’m a computer science graduate who loves to connect people to technology.

I translate all the technical mumbo jumbo into a language we can both easily share. I stay active with groups that provide tech classes, homework help, and mentoring for high-risk youth. And I push myself to step past my fears and take on new challenges.

But tech and humor? – Oh, I’m definitely in. Outside of work, you’ll most often find me tinkering with gadgets or sitting with friends while we catch our breath from a serious round of laughs.

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Our Story Every new venture starts with one...one thought...one person...

For us, it was one small business – and a seriously persistent sense of curiosity.

By 2014, we had individually built years of direct experience in both project management and technology. So when we came together to volunteer to help a small business create their website, we just expected to lend a hand while having a little fun with one of our favorite hobbies – tech.

Instead, we watched as our creation dramatically increased both the number and quality of their sales inquiries – and our curiosity was peaked. We rolled up our sleeves. We asked questions. And we kept learning – building the digital marketing tools that we use today.

We’ve grown into a comprehensive digital marketing agency that helps businesses like yours navigate the layers of the digital world. Your success is our success, and we look forward to joining our path with yours.

Our Values Meaningful marketing shouldn't leave you in the dark.

Collaboration and Transparency
Your goal is our goal – and together we’ll create a plan to get you to where you want to be. At Rooks, we believe in real relationships that are built on honesty, understanding, and accountability.

Education and Empowerment
Knowledge is power – and we don’t keep it all to ourselves. We’ll handle the heavy stuff, but we teach you how to edit the content on your website so you can easily keep your customers up-to-date.

Growth and Sustainability
Progress is fueled by teamwork – we focus on the tech so you can focus on what you do best. And when your business starts to grow, we stick around to make sure it stays that way.

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