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Rooks Digital Marketing started off as a hobby in 2014. Two tech majors, Daleele and Levbert, offered to help a company build a website for their business. With their tech knowledge and curiosity in marketing they were underway with their first project. The project proved to be a success. The website they designed and developed helped the company get found online and become a trusted provider in the community. Ultimately helping them grow their business by getting seen by potential clients and closing more deals. Daleele and Levbert were extremely fascinated by this result. How could something as simple as a website help a business grow to new levels? In a quest to get answers to this question, Daleele and Levbert dedicated their time growing their knowledge in the online world, learning best practices, and continued to build websites for clients so that they could grow their business.

Fast forward to 2018, Daleele and Levbert have completed several projects that span from website design/development, search engine optimization (SEO), and online advertising (Google Adwords). Today, Daleele and Levbert are on a mission to provide clients with custom WordPress websites that build the foundation of a company’s online presence.


Co-Founder / CEO

Daleele Alison

Co-Founder / CEO

With over a decade in the workforce, Daleele’s background includes sales, project management, consulting, marketing and technology. His hands on experience gives him the advantage to see things from various perspectives. He is very focused on the customer experience and goes above and beyond to make sure customers are both satisfied and are getting value.

Hobbies: Hanging with friends and family, reading, attending local Meetup groups, local coffee shops

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Co-Founder / CTO

Levbert Leger

Co-Founder / CTO

Levbert is a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience working with many technologies in various environments. He’s worked in agile development teams and have also taken the role of Scrum Master for the Agile methodology. Although he’s a Software Engineer by trade, his interests range across many forms of technology, Server Virtualization, Home Automation, and Networking.

Hobbies: Traveling, watching movies, working out

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